Gel (Shellac) Manicure $35.00
Basic manicure finish with Gel (Shellac) polish.
Beauty Sense Special Mani (30 Min) $30.00
Papaya soak softens and exfoliates cuticles, followed by Papaya star hand peel exfoliate.  Anti oxidant grape seed oil are massaged in to skin as well as papaya cuticle revitalizer massaged in to cuticle.  Warm hand mitts encourage the penetration of rich moisture deep in to the skin.  Nails are trimmed and shaped Papaya moisturizer is massaged into hands, living them smooth and hydrated.
Hydrating Milk & Honey Mani (30 Mins.) $30.00
This luxurious treatment begins with a land soak.  Next the milk and honey sea salt is applied up to the elbows and worked into the skin.  Nourishing milk and honey butter are then massaged into the hand and arms.
Classic Manicure (20 min) $15.00
Basic manicure, shape nails, clean cuticles, massaged and warm towel, finish with polish.
Luxury Hot Jade Stone Mani (35 min) $35.00
Manicure include sugar scrub, hot towel, massage with hot stone, and applied with anti-oxidants mask.


Classic Spa Pedicure (35 Mins.) $30.00
Basic pedicure, shape nails, clean cuticles, light scrub massage and polish.
Hydrating Milk & Honey Pedi (50 Mins.) $50.00
Imagine yourself in a promised land with this delightful, energizing and hydrating rub that exfoliates, nourishes, and moisturizes the dry skin.  It is an experience that will drench you in the natural goodness of butter milk and honey mask. (Included callus removal). Your choice of nail polish.
Beauty Sense Special Pedi (45 min) $45.00
Escape to paradise by simply closing your eyes and allowing your senses to transport you.  Your crystals sugar journey begins with exfoliating and let crystals sugar remove dead skin and leaving with a fresh new glow skin.  Next is a Nourishing Super-hydrating mask is loaded with intense anti-oxidants and skin regenerating ingredients to rejuvenate, brighten and leave skin looking soft, glowing, and youthful.  The final is a luxurious massage with whipped Shea Butter that is absolute perfection (Included Callus Removal)
Champagne and Rose Pedi (50 Min) $55.00
A truly delicious fragrant foot soak, inspired by the the fruit of the wine that utilizes grape derived enzyme along with fruit acids designed to gently remove keratinized dead skin cells and calluses.  Followed by refreshing, aromatic rose champagne scrub in rich Shea Butter and applied mask then continue it with a relaxing massage (Included Callus Removal)
New Luxury Lavender Pedi (60 Mins.) $75.00
This Luxurious treatment begins with a lavender vanilla foot soak.  Next, the lavender Herbal is applied up to the knee and worked into the skin and hot Jade Stone massage to release stressed muscles.  Nourishing lavender mask applied, then the feet are dipped into a warm soothing lavender paraffin wax.  Finish with an expert application of your favorite color nail polish (included callus removal)
Luxury Hot Jade Stone Pedi (50 min) $55.00
Soothing foot soak to soften skin and relieve stress.  Next, the feet are thoroughly exfoliated with sugar scrub to removed roughness, dryness and dead skin.  Smooth, warm stones massaged on the feet and calves, rubbing out tension in an experience like no others.  Then a hydrating cream mask is applied ( included callus removal)
Callus Removal $5.00

Add Gel (Shellac) on Pedicure                                                       $20.00

  Full Set Fill In
Acrylic $30.00 $20.00
Gel $40.00 $25.00
Sculptured $50.00 $30.00
Liquid Gel $55.00 $35.00
Solar Pink & White $50.00 $30.00
Fill Pink & White $45.00
Powder Colors $50.00 $35.00/45.00
Genovi Gel (Pink & White) $65.00 $55.00
Genovi Gel (Pink Only) $40.00

Take Off

With Full Set $5.00
With Manicure $10.00
Traditional without services $15.00

Polish Change

Add Shellac on Fill $15.00
Add Shellac on Pedicure $20.00
Gel Polish Change Hand Only $30.00
Hand $8.00
Feet $12.00
Cut Down with Shape $8.00+
Designs $5.00
French $5.00


Classic Manicure & Pedicure $43.00
Hydrating Milk & Honey Mani + Pedi $75.00
Beauty Sense Special Mani + Pedi $70.00
Luxury Hot Jade Stone Mani + Pedi $85.00
champagne & Rose Mani + Pedi $90.00
New Luxury Lavender Manicure + Pedicure $110.00


Xpress Facial (30 mins.)  $45.00

The Xpress Facial is designed for the professional on the go!
This facial includes cleansing, toning, and exfoliation.
The Xpress will make your face softer and fresher then ever!

Classic European Facial (60 mins.) $70.00

The European facial is for those clients who desire a deep cleansing and relaxing facial. Also included is an aromatic steaming and finishing with a massage to the neck and shoulders. Customized to your skincare needs, this treatment leaves you feeling very relax, and your skin revitalized and nourished.

Deep Cleaning Facial (60 mins.) $70.00

Includes a deep clean cleansing, extracting of blemishes, exfoliating, masque, moisturizer and face massage.

Acne Facial (60 mins.) $80.00

The treatments are designed for both adult and youth with skin problem. This corrective facial treatment is cientifically developed to reduce to pore, acne bacteria colonies, minimize the inflammatory process, and clear acne lesions. This treatment includes a professional enzyme exfoliation and extractions.


Full Strip Extension $20.00
Evalash Touch Up $40.00
Cluster Extension $35.00
Evalash extension $55.00
Individual Lash Touch Up  $50.00+
Individual Eyelash Extension $140.00
 Novalash Extensions $180.00
 Novalash Touch-up $60.00+


Eyebrow $10.00
Lip $7.00
Chin $10.00
Eyebrow w./ Lip $15.00
Face $35.00
Bikini  $35.00
Brazilian $60.00
Leg – Lower $30.00
– Upper $40.00
– Full $65.00
Back or Chest $70.00+
Sideburns $20.00
under Arm $20.00
Half Arm $30.00
Full Arm $50.00


Business Hours: Mon- Fri: 09:30 am- 08:00 pm | Sat: 09:00 am- 07:00 pm | Sun: 10:00 am - 04:00 pm